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Soprano Rebecca Koenigberg has been a national finalist in the Metropolitan Opera auditions and other prestigious competitions. She has performed lead roles with the Milwaukee Skylight Opera, New England Lyric, Chicago Pocket Opera, Ohio Light Opera, and Opera Colorado. She performed her favorite role of Marie in Donizetti’s “La Fille du Regiment” with the Israel Vocal Arts institute in Tel Aviv, Israel under the tutelage of Metropolitan Opera coach, Joan Dornemann, along with other Metropolitan favorites, Nico and Carol Castel and Martin Isepp.

She has been a finalist in the San Francesco Opera competition, the Eleanor Lieber Awards and the Young Patronesses of the Opera Competition in Miami. Koenigberg sang the world premiere of John Eaton’s works “Notes on Moonlight” and “Let’s Get This Show on the Road” with the Chicago Chamber Players. She has sung with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, the Arapahoe Philharmonic and the Longmont Symphony Orchestra.


  • “The petite Koenigberg was one of the biggest reasons for this show’s opening night success. She sang with unflagging intensity...heart stopping power. She was, in a word, regal.” | The Daily Record

  • “...(Klaphake) Matched with the vibrantly sung and acted Angele Didier of Rebecca Koenigberg...Klaphake and Koenigberg were the equally effective fairfax and Elsie in Yoemen of the Guard.” | Opera News

  • “Soprano Rebecca Koenigberg had the confident stage presence and bright vocal timbre to play the stunning diva.” | Cleveland Plain Dealer

  • “Koenigberg has a self-sufficient confidence that gave a slightly retro feeling. Like the film star Carole Lombard. She often seems barely able to contain a little secret smile.” | The Beacon Journal

  • “The singing by Rebecca Koenigberg...was ardent and high spirited.” | Chicago Tribune

  • “Ms. Koenigberg sang with aplomb.” | Chicago Tribune

  • “Rebecca Koenigberg is the one cast member who possesses the emotional depth necessary for the payoff in the second act.” | Milwaukee Journal

  • “Koenigberg has an outstanding voice and displayed it well...” | St. Louis Post Dispatch

  • “Discover Rebecca Koenigberg’s Gorgeous Soprano...” | St. Louis Riverfront Times

  • “Koenigberg Certainly gave it punch.” | Denver Post